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Where Leadership Begins opens the gate and guides readers to discover their remarkable leadership potential. Dan’s well-reasoned, informative insights will enrich those exploring leadership, novice team leads, and seasoned senior leaders across all business and industry types. Regardless of your sector or your current level in an organization, you will benefit from reading this book.


Too often, a person is promoted or offered a leadership role because they are an outstanding individual contributor (IC) (nurse, welder, financial advisor, etc.). Believing it's the only logical next step in their career, they accept the leadership role, sometimes without thinking things through. Once in leadership, they will often continue to do what made them successful as an IC.


But leading others is hard work and different from being an IC. They need to choose to be a leader. To do things differently. And that requires five additional choices to maximize their potential and build effective teams. Consciously choosing to act, behave, think, and respond in ways that empower others rather than oneself makes it easier and much more fun.


If Choice Theory is new to you, or you’re unfamiliar with it, no worries; Author Dan Freschi unwraps it for you, explains how it differs from other leadership models, and describes the five vital -and ongoing- choices needed to establish genuine connections with your team members.



Values Discovery is a tool to explore and understand your values and how they relate to the choices you make. The deck contains 67 cards with values and brief definitions, as well as instructions for use. The cards may be sorted according to Value Always, Value Often, Value Sometimes, Value Rarely, Value Never. The Values Discovery deck is a versatile tool and may be used by a single individual, a coaching pair, small and large groups, teams, and families. While it can be used by itself, the Values Discovery deck is best used while reading Chapter 2 in the book Where Leadership Begins.



Use this to effectively evaluate where leadership begins for you. These pages are where you can sort through the activities in the book and appendices and take time to reflect on the choices you’ve made to get you where you are today.


Use this journal to evaluate and reflect on:

  • The choices that are informed by a deep understanding of how you see yourself and how others see you.
  • The choices that are true to who you are as a leader and a person.
  • The choices that seek to elevate others instead of yourself.
  • The choices that pursue the best outcome even if they open you up to doubt or ridicule.
  • The choices that are grounded in courage instead of fear.

WHERE LEADERSHIP BEGINS With Values Discovery Cards & Companion Journal

SKU: 978195751247
$50.97 Regular Price
$39.99Sale Price
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  • Author: Dan Freschi

    Contributing Author: Jim Reed

    Foreword: Duane France

    Editor: Phil Ransom

    Proofreader: Lyda Rose Haerle

    Cover Design, Interior Graphics, Values Cards Design: Claire E. Weber

    Interior Layout: Griffin Mill

    All photos courtesy of Dan Freschi


    200 Page paperback.

    67 Card deck.

    Companion journal.

    BOOK ISBN: 978-1-957351-24-7

    CARDS ISBN: 978-1-957351-34-6

    JOURNAL ISBN: 978-1-957351-31-5



    Printed in The United States of America

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